Municipal AIDS Program Manager

Ms Tandeka Maziya 

Social Services and HIV/AIDS Response

The urban local government delivers social welfare services through community socio-health services department can be in most urban local authorities can be traced back to the advent of a politically-led programme known as the Alliance of Mayors Initiative to combat AIDS At Local Level (AMICAALL). The mandate of the department is to build the capacity of urban communities and assist the local government to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other communicable and non-communicable diseases through facilitating prevention and impact mitigation (treatment, care and support) programs, and by making continuous improvements in response management. 

As the years went by, HIV/AIDS programming has been evolving. The focus is now on consolidating the gains that the country has made in containing the virus. the emphasis is now on mitigation the impacts of the pandemic and remaining vigilant to avoid resurgence of infections.

Specific Duties and Functions

  • Support for all HIV/AIDS programs in the urban area.
  • Addressing socio-economic factors that increase vulnerability such as poverty, gender equality.
  • Information dissemination on HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation programs.
  • Coordination of public health service providers within the town.
  • Management of acute and chronic diseases and palliative care.