Tourist Attraction

Bush Fire Festival

MTN Bushfire is one of Africa’s largest multicultural gatherings, illuminating the transformational power of the arts through our call to action for positive social and environmental change. A diverse, inclusive and family-friendly music and arts festival set in a fantasy-scape of the imagination, MTN Bushfire takes place in the beautiful farmland and mountains of the peaceful Malkerns Valley. Every year, the event welcome Fire Starters from over 60 countries for an energising and uplifting weekend, with an eclectic programme featuring some of the finest musical and artistic talents from across Africa and around the globe.

A conscious celebration of unity in diversity and an inspiring emblem of social inclusion, MTN Bushfire represents the kind of world we would all like to see – a global community of change-makers, thought leaders, and creative problem solvers who unite in a celebration of the arts and in the spirit of taking action against discrimination, environmental degradation and poverty.

Swazi Candles

Swazi Candles is a manufacturing company Established in 1982. The company is based in the beautiful Malkerns Valley. Its core business is candle making both traditional parafin wax as well as soya candle tea lights. Their colourful, handmade product range also features wax encased LED lights, pure vegetable glycerine soaps and marula oil bodybalm.

They have a vibrant, music filled workshop in the Malkerns Valley where they invite guests to come and interact with their artisans as they work their magic as well as a manufacturing workshop in the Matsapha industrial area where they produce the veneers for the candles and generate their bulk order products. They currently export to over 20 countries. The beautifully intricate designs of Swazi Candles use the ancient technique known as “millifiore”. Millefiore, or, “thousand flowers”, first surfaced in Alexandria, but was perfected in the great glass making cities of Murano and Venice. Glass beads and other objects created there were of such beauty and finesse that they became much sought-after, valuable artifacts.