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About Malkerns 

Malkerns lies at the heart of Eswatini’s middleveld, midway between Ezulwini and Manzini. This large, fertile expanse of farmland, bristling with the spiky grey-green leaves of the pineapple estates, is Eswatini’s  one of the newest urban areas in the country through a 2012 declaration accordance with the Urban Government Act of 1969. 


Since independence, Eswatini’s economic policy has intentionally focused on achieving rapid growth in the agricultural production and on the reduction of food imports so as to achieve self-sufficiency in food as well as to conserve the country’s restricted earnings from foreign exchange. 

Tourists Attraction

Malkerns is a high tourism potential area. It hosts a number of festivals such as the Bushfire and the smooth fest festivals, on an annual basis, drawing thousands of local and international tourists to the place.


What we do

Our mission is to provide quality urban and agro-business services through the use of cutting edge prcesses and technology, ensuring decent living conditions, development and sustained growth in partrnership with stakeholders.


The engineering and technical services department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure within the Malkerns Urban Area. We are also responsible for building control to ensure compliance of all structures to statutes. Infrastructure that is presently managed by the department includes roads, public lighting systems, buildings, small bridges and sports grounds.


The mandate of the department derives from many legislations, including the Urban Government Act of 1969. The principle purpose of the department is to ensure safety of all food offered and consumed within the urban area, safety of all trade practices, and environmental health and sustainability in all operations and development programs within the jurisdiction of the local authority. 


The mandate of the department is to build the capacity of urban communities and assist the local government to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other communicable and non-communicable diseases through facilitating prevention and impact mitigation programs, and making continuous improvements in response management.


The mandate of the department derives principally from the Town Planning Act of 1961. It aims at achieving a planned, coordinated and harmonious development of the town, promoting health, safety, good order. These ideals are achieved mainly through a universal planning tool know as Town Planning Scheme.

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Portion 37 of Portion 14 Farm 65 Mahlanya/Luyengo MR27 Rd, opposite Malkerns Square

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Malkerns Town Board

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