Town Treasurer

Nokuthula Mkhonta

Cell: +26878098902


The primary mandate of the Treasury Department derives from the Urban Government Act No.8 of 1969, the Financial Regulations, the rating Act 1995, and late, the Public Finance Management Act of 2017. The department is responsible for planning, collecting, keeping, employing and accounting for revenues of the town in accordance the foregoing statutes.

Rates payment by approved instalment arrangement plan

The department is governed by the Urban Government Act 1969, Rating Act of 1995, Urban Government Financial Regulations 1969, the Public Procurement Act 2011, and the Board’s own Financial Policies and Procedures. The main areas of responsibility include the

  • Procurement of goods and services in accordance to the various legislation governing public procurement
  • Proper accounting for the services and goods in the Board’s financial management system
  • Budgetary control of the Board’s annual estimates
  • Safeguarding and maintenance of all Board’s assets.
  • Submission of reports timeously; management reports, payment schedule to enable management and Board members to take informed decisions
  • Consolidate tenders for annual sources of supplies for the Board

This is another method approved by the Board to pay rates. It can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly and or annually. The advantages of this method are:

  • Balance due shall not attract interest the statutory 15% per annum which is charged for late payment.
  • Fixed and agreed amount remain consistent throughout the financial year.
  • It can be spread over the twelve months period of the financial year making it affordable to the rate payer.

Rates income & property valuation

The department is responsible for ensuring that all rates are billed correctly and sent to the correct ratepayers at the beginning of every financial year and if any ratepayers default the department is responsible for ensuring that they are followed up as per the dictates of the rating act of 1995.

  • The Rating Act states that an independent valuer be approved by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development to evaluate the properties.
  • Rates are charged based on the value of immovable property.
  • A property owner may object against the value given to his property to the Valuation Court by filling in an objection Form as soon as they receive the valuation notice from The Board.
  • The Valuation Court deals strictly with discrepancies in property values and not rates.
  • Complaints pertaining to rates are attended to by the Board.

Differential rating Rates differ according to the following designations:

Residential  %
Improvement 0.4
Land Development 0.4
land Vacant 0.8
Government  %
Improvement 5.0
Land Development 5.0
Land Vacant 5.0
Commercial Two  %
Improvement 0.8
Land Development 0.8
land Vacant 0.9
Agriculture  %
Improvement 0.1
Active agriculture 0.2
Land Vacant 0.6


Collection of Town Board revenue

The department is also responsible for ensuring that all user fees are billed and paid on time, it is also responsible for ensuring all vendors and clients pay for services rendered.

  1. Cash – paid over the counter at the Town Board offices or direct deposit
  2. Cheque – paid over the counter at the Town Board offices or direct deposit
  3. Electronic bank transfer
  4. Stop order
  5. Mobile money

Board’s banking details

Account Name: Malkerns Town Board
Bank Name: Standard Bank (Mbabane Branch)
New Account Number: 9110004054620
Branch code: 663164
Swift Code: SBICSZMX
MTN Mobile Money  78642574