Public Health & Environmental Officer

Ms Nomathemba Masika

Cell: +268 78064670

Public Health and Environment

The mandate of the public health and environment department derives from many legislations, including the Urban Government Act of 1969, the Public Health Act of 1968, the Environment management Act of 2002, inter alia. the principal purpose of the department is to ensure safety of all food offered and consumed within the urban area, safety of all trade practices, and environmental health and sustainability in all operations and development programs within the jurisdiction of the local authority.

Specific duties and functions

  • Ensuring the promotion of a consistent high standard of public health and aethestics within the town.
  • Inspection of premises for nuisance abatement.
  • Providing and promoting safe and liveable conditions in business premises and practices.
  • Ensures that public is protected from physical, chemical and biological hazards.
  • Collection, management and appropriate disposal of all forms of wasted within town.
  • protection of the natural environment.