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About Malkerns Town Council

Malkerns lies at the heart of Eswatini’s middleveld, midway between Ezulwini and Manzini. This large, fertile expanse of farmland, bristling with the spiky grey-green leaves of the pineapple estates, is Eswatini’s breadbasket. Malkerns is one of the newest urban areas in the country through a 2012 declaration accordance with the Urban Government Act of 1969.

The town is governed by eight Councilors, six Councilors are democratically elected by residents from all the 6 municipal wards with each ward electing its Councilor from among registered voters, and the other two are appointed by the Minister for Housing and Urban Development from relevant stakeholder institutions and  constituencies.

“An innovative high-tech agro-tourist town which is environmentally sustainable in Southern Africa” .The town’s vision clearly captures and indicates the emphasis on agriculture being central to the town’s future , as well as the elements of innovation, sustainability, modern technology, environment and economic awareness.

“Provide quality urban and agro-tourist services through ecologically sensitive technology, ensuring sustained growth and development by partnering with stakeholders”  .The Town Board has opted to combine urban and agro-tourist services in its operational focus, prioritizing quality, stakeholder involvement, the use of ecologically sensitive technology to conserve the environment for the sustained development  and growth. stakeholders partnership in the growth and development of the town is also a very critical element of the Town board’s mission.

  • Impartiality
  • Integrity
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation


IMPARTIALITY : Treating all residents fairly and with equality

INTEGRITY: Upright and straight in all our dealing and execution of duties

ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: Open and giving feedback to our community at all times

PROFESSIONALISM: using best practices and embracing appropriate business attitude and disposition in our relations and dealings with clients, business partners and the community.

INNOVATION: Always looking for better and more effecient ways to do our business and serving our community.