Poultry Production

The government of Eswatini promotes poultry production to the effect that even though the country is struggling to produce enough in the agricultural sector, which has resulted in the importation of most consumables including vegetables, it is self-sufficient in terms of broilers and eggs,  is hosting some of the large producers of poultry chickens with high expertise in animal care. Fresh eggs at a very large scale are produced by Eagle’s Nest (Pty) Ltd which is located in Malkerns. This also adds to the Ministry of agriculture main goal towards food security and self-sufficiency

Swazi Candles

Swazi Candles, a producer of a wide range of candles in a variety of different geometric shapes and sizes as well as animal shapes and molded candles is also hosted in Malkerns Town. Swazi candles is a proud exporter of candles to all over the world with a staff intake of over 40 people. This is a clear indicator towards economic growth for the country. The past few years we have developed some new product ranges including 100% organic soya candles, wax glow lamps (which illuminate for ±100 hours on 2 AA batteries) and handmade balms and soaps.

Pineapple processing

Affectionately nicknamed as “Swazican”, and situated in the fertile Malkerns Valley, this is Eswatini only canning operation which was established back in 1954 when pineapples were first grown commercially in the country. Today, Swazican is a leading producer of processed pineapple and citrus products and remains the primary grower of pineapples in Eswatini.